5 Ways Bone Grafting Can Improve Your Oral Health

Even the healthiest people who brush and floss everyday may develop gum disease or periodontal disease, sometimes causing bone loss and other conditions that seriously affect their teeth and jaw. For many, undergoing a dental bone graft procedure will be the best way to put an end to these conditions and reverse any negative effects on their dental health. However, this can be an intimidating procedure for many.

Understanding as much as you can about the benefits of this periodontal procedure will help you make informed decisions about your oral health. If you have any questions about bone grafting, contact the CENTER for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy today.

Getting Your Jaw Healthy Once Again

While most people only think about the health of their teeth and gums when visiting a dentist’s office, a healthy jawbone is an important part of overall dental health. Dental bone grafting help to repair damage and strengthen your jaw once again. This procedure can produce the following benefits:

1. Reversing Bone Collapse – When a tooth is lost or removed, the bone around it will collapse since there is now a hole. Bone grafts will be used to prevent or reverse a collapse, keeping the area healthy for an extended period of time.

2. Paving the Way for Implants – If you are in need of a dental implant, you will need the jawbone to be strong. Grafts will reverse damage and make the bone healthy so that an implant can be successfully placed and stay strong.

3. Replacing Lost Jawbone – Periodontal disease, trauma, and other incidents can cause jawbone to be lost over time or suddenly. This can weaken teeth and the overall structure in the area. Bone grafting will replace lost bone and strengthen the area and the health of teeth.

4. Sinus Augmentation – If you have continued to lose bone structure, bone grafts can add to the upper jaw by restructuring your sinus cavity. This will provide you with a stronger jawbone and a better chance at successful dental implants.

5. Preserving Everyday Uses – Chewing and other daily activities can take their toll on the jaw over the course of years. It may be that damage to your jaw has caused you continued pain and limited your everyday capabilities. A bone graft can return your jaw to proper working condition and end the pain you experience.

With the insight of an experienced periodontist, you can determine if dental bone grafting is right for you. Through experienced help, you can undergo a procedure tailored for your unique needs and regain dental health in ways you could not otherwise.

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