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GUM GRAFTS in los angeles

Are you self-conscious because your gums are receding or uneven?  The gums and teeth may require cosmetic and corrective treatment for several reasons. Factors like periodontal disease, trauma, age, and birth defects all contribute to this possibility. Receding gums can expose the tooth roots, causing gums to appear unhealthy, uneven and unattractive. A gum graft performed by board-certified periodontists is a cosmetically corrective treatment to give you the even, stunning smile you desire, and protect the roots for healthy longevity. Gum grafts are a fantastic option for patients who want to align their gum line and show off a beautiful, full smile.



Receding Gums Overview

An Aesthetic & Medical Solution To Gum Loss

Gum grafts are performed to correct unevenness and to restore alignment to the gumline. Trauma and periodontal disease can sometimes cause the gum recession, resulting in a patient’s tooth root to be exposed, look unattractive and long. Gum grafts are often used to re-contour the gumline and give the teeth a more natural appearance. In some cases, the graft can help protect your teeth from decay. Periodontal disease can damage the natural appearance of a patient’s gums and mouth, which in turn affects the confidence of his or her smile. Gum and periodontal cosmetic surgery treatments can help correct a variety of health and aesthetic concerns.  If your gums have receded due to gum disease or any other causes, ask your skilled Brentwood periodontists Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky about receding gums treatment today.  The CENTER for Periodontal and Implant Therapy will have your gums and teeth looking more beautiful than ever! Beverly Hills periodontists Dr. Alexandre Aalam and Dr. Alina Krivitsky are dedicated to helping their patients feel confident and comfortable. Whether your gum graft is for aesthetic or functional reasons, patients benefit from both a fresh new smile and improved periodontal health.

Health Benefits

Gum grafts are a proven, effective and desirable procedure to have your gums and teeth looking more gorgeous and appealing. Gum grafts help to cover roots or develop gum tissue where absent, helping reduce further recession and bone loss.  If you are suffering from receding gums, treatment may be able to help. Contact the CENTER, a Los Angeles periodontal office, to schedule a consultation and to learn more about gum grafts and other cosmetic periodontal treatments by calling (310) 299-8329.

Soft Tissue Grafts
Patients may be at risk of uneven and receding gums for various reasons.  Periodontal disease, jawbone loss, poor dental hygiene and insufficient gum tissue can all cause unattractive loss of gums.  If any of these were the case, to improve the look and health of your gums, a board-certified periodontist would likely recommend the gum graft procedure.  This cosmetic gum recession treatment will even out your gumline and show off your stunning teeth and smile. For this procedure, the patient’s gumline is examined for whether or not gum tissue has receded due to periodontal disease or trauma. If that is the case, patients may need to have the damaged tissue replaced. This is usually done by removing a small amount of tissue from the roof of the mouth or with an artificial tissue and attaching it to the affected site. This procedure can help reduce further gum recession, cover exposed roots, reduce the risk of root sensitivity, and give your teeth a more cosmetically pleasing and alluring appearance. Your Los Angeles gum recession experts Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky are here to help.
Gum Grafts & PRF Treatments Locally in LA
The CENTER is a periodontal office that provides excellent and skilled periodontal and implant therapy to restore patient’s oral health and aesthetics throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. Dr. Alexandre Aalam and Dr. Alina Krivitsky are the only two board-certified periodontists in the Brentwood area and offer specialized skills in cosmetic periodontal procedures, oral hygiene, and gums & teeth restoration. These procedures help to preserve natural looking qualities and provide patients with confidence to show off one of their best assets: their smile. Luckily for Los Angeles, Dr. Aalam is one of few trained and certified periodontist in the United States to utilize advanced-platelet rich fibrin technique to enhance healing after oral surgery.  PRF harvests from patient’s own tissue/biomaterial to create a gel that is inserted into the surgical location.  After Dr. Aalam performs the surgery with advanced-platelet rich fibrin technology, patients recover much faster and are able to go back to their normal routines quicker. Ask Dr. Aalam about platelet-rich fibrin and gum grafts at your next visit!


Q: I would like to get a gum graft for the gum recession I have had recently. My concern is my gums are rather inflamed and I don’t know if the procedure can be done while they are in their current state. How is inflammation addressed prior to and after a gum graft?
A: The inflammation of the gums can be taken care of with a professional cleaning and great oral hygiene home routine.  This step is essential prior to addressing gum recession, as a surgical outcome greatly depends on it.  You should see a board-certified periodontist to assess and treat your lost gum tissue in Los Angeles.
Q: I have receding gums and have lost a few teeth because of this. Can a dentist stop gums receding?
A: Receding gums can be caused either by trauma or periodontal disease. Only the removal of these etiologic factors can arrest lost gum tissue in Los Angeles. Gum recession follows bone loss and, if enough bone loss occurs, you will end up losing the teeth.  Since you’ve lost some teeth already, you may want to see a board-certified periodontist for diagnosis and proper treatment to prevent future gum and tooth loss.
Q: I dip and my gums seem to be receding on my lower left K9 tooth. Will it fall out? Also, is there any way that if I quit, my gums will heal themselves and push back up?
A: Dipping can definitely contribute to gum recession as it traumatizes gums continuously.  If recession progresses enough, you may eventually lose the tooth. Companies add polyester shards to tobacco to irritate and create wounds in gums for higher uptake of nicotine.  Besides gums recession, dipping can significantly increase the chance of oral cancer. We recommend seeing a board-certified periodontist to assist you in your quitting process and to treat and prevent future tooth loss. The gums will not heal themselves you will need professional help to see if it can be restored.

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