Permanently Treating a Gummy Smile and Removing Dark Gums

Vivian Nweze is a TV Host, Pop Culture & Diversity Expert, and a Glam Lifestyle Influencer. Vivian was born with a gummy smile and extreme pigmentation that caused her gums to appear brown. For an actress, the thought of being on camera shouldn’t be daunting, but this on-air television host and actress confessed it did. Why? Because her smile didn’t make her feel beautiful. On the surface she appeared confident and excited, but revealed to us that she experienced serious self-esteem issues, to the point where she avoid smiling on camera and even skip auditions because she was so self-conscious about her teeth!

When Vivian was referred to our office, she didn’t know there was a permanent solution to her gummy smile and dark gums, and didn’t believe that we could transform her smile. After a thorough consultation and proper diagnosis, we determined that we could restore a bright, broad and beautiful smile with a combination of Aesthetic Crown Lengthening and Gum Depigmentation.

Due to the severity of her gummy smile, gum depigmentation could not be performed alone, because her gum line would appear unhealthy, uneven and swollen if we removed the pigment without removing the excess tissue. 

First, we performed a gum depigmentation treatment, commonly known as gum lightening or gum bleaching. The treatment does not actually utilize any sort of bleach or lightening agent to achieve lighter gums. The term draws on the idea of teeth whitening and bleaching, implicit of products used the teeth, however bleaching solutions and agents are not safe for application on the gums. 

This minimally invasive technique is similar to the microdermabrasion method used in dermatology, which successfully removes the upper layer of skin. The procedure is fairly simple, yet extremely effective in brightening patients’ smiles and restoring healthy looking gum tissue. The microdermabrasion peels away the surface epithelium and melanocytes to expose the underlying connective tissue, which will induce pink and firm kératinized tissue. 

Next, Dr. Aalam performed Aesthetic Crown Lengthening, where he removed the excess gum tissue to expose the natural crowns of her teeth, reveal the natural, healthy teeth that were hidden under the tissue, and restore her gum line. 

The results were truly remarkable, and completely transformed her appearance. The excess gum tissue covered her tooth, causing her teeth to appear, much smaller and child-like, and offset the patient’s overall facial harmony and look. Once her gum tissue was restored to a natural light pink color and the excess tissue was removed, Vivian’s face was immediately brightened, and her smile was radiant!

When asked how the procedure affected her, Vivian replied “Thank you to Dr. Aalam for changing my life and altering the path of my whole career and giving me a reason to smile! 

It is our greatest privilege to help our patients transform their smiles and deliver life-changing results. Thank you for trusting us with your periodontal needs, Vivian!



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