Referring DDS Information

Our referral form is now available for download in electronic format.

Dear Referring DDS:

We cherish and appreciate your confidence in referring patients to our office.  Our goal is to achieve a seamless transition, so patients feel like our office is just an extension of yours. Of course, after periodontal treatment is completed, the patient is always returned to your office for future care.

To help us accomplish our goal, we recommend reviewing this checklist when referring a patient to us.

The more information we have about the referral the better! Please include tooth numbers and /or quadrants associated with your patient’s treatment needs. Also, please advise us of what you have done and what you want to do in the future so that we can reinforce your recommendations and be consistent in our treatment planning.

Your patients should be advised that they will be seen first for an examination and their surgery will occur at a separate appointment. This way we can further reinforce your suggestions as well as properly prepare them both in terms of pre and post-op care and finances.

Please fill out the form completely so we know exactly how to take care of your patient, and send via email.

Current x-rays are also helpful (within the last year). We recommend a full mouth radiograph for comprehensive cases, a periapical radiograph for specific cases, and a panoramic radiograph for posterior implant cases.

If you email the referral to us, you can mail the x-rays separately and we will scan them into our patient’s electronic chart. We also welcome x-rays in email format (.jpeg please) since these can be easily imported into our software program.

We have found that the highest referral follow-through happens when patients are scheduled while in your office. We know how busy practices get, so if you call while your patient is present, we promise to do our best to quickly take care of your request.

Please encourage your patients to continue care at your office while seeing us, even if it’s only for a restorative exam. This keeps them up-to-date in your office throughout their treatment here.

For patients on alternating recall between our offices, please make sure to forward copies of your x-rays so we don’t inconvenience your patients by taking additional films. For BWX, vertical are most helpful to us so we can evaluate properly from a periodontal standpoint.

We welcome your phone calls and emails to discuss treatment prior to your patients coming into our office. The more information we share the better care the patient receives.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions feel free to let us know. We are always available to help facilitate comprehensive treatment planning.

We thank you for your referrals and the opportunity to work with you.


Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky