Stay Healthy, Know the Signs of Oral Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is frightening for any patient. The disease comes in countless forms, and each person must fight his or her battle in a unique way. Oral cancers are less feared than more publicized forms of cancer such as breast cancer or prostate cancer, but they are still quite serious. Thankfully, there are oral cancer treatments available that have helped countless people not only survive cancer, but return to a normal and fulfilling life.

The best way to beat any cancer is to catch it as early as possible. Knowing the telltale signs of oral cancer is key to catching it and treating it without delay. At the CENTER for Dental & Implant Therapy, our Brentwood periodontists offer oral cancer screenings to help you ensure you are oral cancer-free or to help you catch it early so you can seek proper treatment.

What are Oral Cancer Symptoms?

The following are signs that you may have oral cancer. If you experience one or more of the following, seek out a periodontist with a track record of success to have your condition diagnosed quickly.

– Velvety white, red, or speckled patches develop in the mouth
– Unexplained mouth bleeding
– Swelling, lumps, bumps, rough spots, crust, eroded areas, and/or thickenings inside the mouth or on the lips or gums
– Persistent face, neck, or mouth sores that bleed easily
– Unexplained numbness or tenderness in the mouth, neck, or face
– Chronic sore throat or a change in voice
– Soreness in the back of the throat
– Dramatic weight loss
– Difficulty moving the jaw or tongue, speaking, chewing, and/or swallowing

Remember that you will need a specialist to properly diagnose your condition. Knowing the exact cause of your symptoms will help you understand your ailment and start treatment immediately.

How is Oral Cancer Treated?

There are many causes of oral cancer. Smoking and alcohol are known to contribute to the disease. Many may contract it due to sun exposure or a family history of oral cancer. While the location of the cancer affects potential treatments and survival rates, the vast majority of oral cancer patients survive when given the proper treatment.

After undergoing a periodontal biopsy and confirming that the lesions in a mouth are cancerous, your doctor may use several different treatments for the disease. Surgery is a frequent option in order to remove as much of the cancer as possible. Additionally, radiation and chemotherapy can be given to eliminate any traces of the disease. These will help prevent cancer from spreading and hopefully send any remaining signs into remission. With a great treatment plan, you can have the best chance of permanently beating your oral cancer.

From Diagnosis to Successful Treatment

If you believe that you may have signs of oral cancer, contact the Center for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy today.

Through an appointment with our Los Angeles periodontists, your condition can be properly diagnosed and a treatment plan can be sought after for your specific type of oral cancer. Call us at (310) 299-8329 or contact us online. The treatment you deserve is only one step away.