All-on-4® Teeth in a Day

Dental implants are one of the most common procedures for tooth replacement performed today. Thanks to advanced technology, whether a patient is in need of replacing a single, multiple, or a complete set of teeth, dental implant procedures can now be done in as little as one day, through minimally invasive procedures that utilize less implants than traditional methods. One of the most exciting technologies recently developed is the All-on-4® procedure, which provides a full set of top and bottom teeth, using just four implants. Before you pursue this treatment, what else do you need to know about All-on-4®?

What is All-on-4®?

The industry leading All-on-4® treatment is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare and offers full arch rehabilitation for patients who are missing the majority of their teeth, in just one day. The unique method can be characterized by three attributes. The procedure is the optimal solution for providing a full fixed bridge, utilizing as few as four implants. The procedure utilizes the patient’s’ existing bone and a technique which tilts the posterior implants at an angle, rather than inserting each vertically, avoiding the need for a costly, time-consuming, and painful bone graft. Lastly, the treatment can be completed in just one day, resulting in immediate function of the patient’s new dental implants, and beautiful smile!

Who Is A Candidate for All-on-4®?

A significant number of patients treated with All-on-4® suffer from bone loss and edentulism, also known as toothlessness. Traditionally, these cases are treated with dentures, or with invasive, painful and costly bone graft surgeries that include long recovery periods. With denture patients, due to general bone loss, or because they lack the teeth needed to keep the jaw in place, the consistency and shape of the jaw deteriorates and changes over time. This causes the dentures to become loose, and therefore require regular replacement of the dentures to ensure comfort and ease over time.

The All-on-4® treatment eliminates the need for time-consuming, painful and expensive bone graft procedures, and the high-maintenance upkeep of dentures, by simply creating a full-set of natural looking teeth, in one day. After the four implants are placed into the jaw, the new set of teeth can be affixed immediately, avoiding the daunting lengthy healing time associated with conventional implants.

How Long Will This Procedure Take?

Typically, the All-on-4® procedure takes a few hours. This treatment is desirable because it can be completed in a single day. There is no intensive series of visits or repeated surgical procedures. The benefits of the procedure include the minimal downtime and recovery, immediate function of teeth that look, feel and act as real teeth, and the ease of care-just brush and floss regularly, and schedule annual cleanings and checkups with your periodontist!

Finding a Periodontist Who Can Perform All-on-4®

Many periodontists offer All-on-4®, but it’s important that you choose a surgeon with an established reputation for quality. In Los Angeles, the Center for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy works with patients like you to relieve pain and achieve results. You deserve your beautiful smile! Contact us today to begin the conversation