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Northeast Periodontists

Meet Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky

At the CENTER for Advanced Periodontal and Implant Therapy, the only dual-board certified office near Northeast, Los Angeles, Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky offer restorative and cosmetic dental treatments and dental implants to help their patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles! ⁣Both Northeast periodontists serve as Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology and the American Board of Oral Implantology, and teach as Clinical Associate Professors at USC’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry in the Department of Advanced Periodontics. As periodontists in Northeast, Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky are dental specialists who have received the training and education to perform advanced surgical procedures to treat issues pertaining to the teeth, gums and supporting structures. If you suffer from gum disease, are missing teeth or need your wisdom teeth removed, a periodontist in Northeast can create the right treatment plan for you. Contact us today to schedule your periodontal consultation with a Northeast periodontist today.

Dental Implants in Northeast

Dental implants are one of the most common and effective way to permanently replace missing or extracted teeth. Dental implants are titanium or zirconia posts that are surgically placed into the jaw bone to replace missing tooth roots. They bond to the bone to become a permanent part of the jaw, and serve as the foundation for a permanent restoration, also known as an artificial tooth.

Because dental implants are anchored into the jaw, a patient must possess enough bone density for the implant to securely fuse to. Many patients are told that because they lack the bone density required to sustain an implant, they are not candidates for dental implants. However, this is simply not the case. A periodontist in Northeast can offer patients several treatment options that allow patients to restore their smiles with permanent dental implants. In most cases, a bone graft can be done by a periodontist in Northeast, to replace the missing bone and create a secure foundation to place the implant. For patients who suffer from more severe forms of bone loss, there are graftless procedures that utilize the patient’s existing bone density to effectively anchor the implant. If you suffer from bone loss and are missing teeth, a Northeast periodontist can still restore your smile with dental implants.

Once the implant is placed, the patient will receive a temporary restoration, also known as an artificial tooth that is color matched to blend seamlessly with the rest of the patient’s smile and delivered within 24 hours. ⁣⁣This restoration ensures the patient has a complete, gap-less smile during the healing process. Once the tissue around the implant heals and implant fuses to the bone, a process known as the osseointegration, which usually takes between 3-6 months, the patient returns to receive their permanent restoration⁣⁣. These permanent restorations look just like real teeth and rejuvenate the aesthetics and function of the teeth, and restore patients’ abilities to chew, speak and smile again with confidence and ease! ⁣⁣

If you are missing teeth, permanent dental implants in Northeast may be the solution for you. To learn more or set up a consultation with a periodontist in Northeast contact us today.

Gum Disease Treatment in Northeast

Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the gum tissue due to the buildup and spread of bacteria below the gumline. At the CENTER for Advanced Periodontal Therapy, we are pleased to offer our patients both non-surgical and surgical periodontal therapies to effectively treat periodontal disease below the gum line and restore proper oral health and function. Not every patient requires an invasive surgical procedure, and we work with our patients to create the best treatment plan for them.

Your dual-board certified Northeast periodontists understand that each patient requires a customized treatment plan to best fit their needs, budget and preferences. It is imperative to consult with a periodontist in Northeast if you believe you have gum disease, in order to determine the best course of action. A thorough and accurate diagnosis is the first step to ensuring you receive the correct treatment that will yield effective, long-term results. Further, if left untreated, gum disease can spread below the gum line and to the supporting bone structure. Periodontitis is the most extreme form of gum disease and can cause teeth to become loose and fall out, and as well as affect the underlying bone, causing bone loss in the jaw. If a patient experiences tooth and bone loss as a result of periodontal disease, there are several treatment options for restoring bone density, and a healthy, functional and complete smile.

Rejuvagum Lift

Gummy Smile

Dental Implants

TMJ Botox


Patients trust Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky to provide expert, personalized care in a spa-like environment:

Dr. Aalam and his entire staff are professional and kind – and have been throughout the whole process with them. I was hesitant and scared to have gum grafting performed. However, Dr. Aalam’s Rejuvagum procedure was absolutely painless…..yes that’s right, painless. I’m so happy I decided to have this done especially with Dr. Aalam. I HIGHLY recommend them especially if you need gum grafting.
Gum Graft


I was treated for gum recession and decide to go forward with stem cell gum surgery. Dr. Alam and his staff walked me through everything from begging to end. I could not be happier with the end result!! Dr. Alam is calm, knowledgeable and SO helpful. HIGHLY recommend!!
Rejuvagum Lift


Dr. Krivitsky is a highly professional, knowledgeable and emotionally intelligent doctor. Rightly so, she made me feel confident and comfortable with all procedures. She patiently explained all steps and options. And I can’t stress enough what an incredibly warm person she is. Never have I felt so taken care of by a doctor.
Patient Experience


Easily the best dental experience I’ve had. Went in to remove all wisdom teeth and it was as fast and painless as can be expected. As always the couple weeks after wisdom tooth surgery sucks, but they helped ease everything. I still go frequently for hygiene appointments.
Wisdom Tooth Removal


Before And After Photos

Take a look at this aesthetic crown lengthening before-and-after photo from a patient treated at Implant Perio CENTER.

malibu periodontist


Visit our site to view more amazing before-and-after periodontal surgery images or schedule a consultation near Northeast. You can also call Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky at (310) 299-8329 today.

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