Is Excess Gum Tissue Giving You an Extra Gummy Smile?

When you look at photos of yourself, do you notice that your smile is not as bright and clear as those of your friends? Have you been teased for having a gummy smile? While typically not a serious health issue, the appearance of excessive gum tissue, obscuring and overshadowing your teeth, can be troubling, to say the least. Fortunately, it is possible to have the extra “gumminess” of your smile corrected, revealing the optimal smile line beneath.

At the CENTER for Advanced Periodontal and Implant Therapy, Alexandre-Amir Aalam, DDS, and Alina Krivitsky, DDS, specialize in helping patients achieve bright, healthy smiles with minimally invasive procedures. Whether faced with a cosmetic or painful periodontal condition, Drs. Aalam and Krivitsky are skilled and experienced at providing the perfect solution.

Treatment Options for Gummy Smiles

Depending on the cause and extent of a gummy smile, an expert periodontist will determine the appropriate treatment plan, which can include one or several of the following:

Crown lengthening – By removing excess gum tissue and even bone along the gum line, more tooth surface will be exposed, providing a fuller smile.

Lip repositioning – Lowering the upper lip through surgical repositioning or reducing the muscle movement of the upper lip can help correct the position of the lips when smiling to cover more gum tissue. The procedure can be performed surgically or on a temporary basis with Botox injections.

Orthodontics – Braces can be used to position the teeth into a more suitable, attractive, and functional position.

Veneers or Lumineers – Thin, customized porcelain shells are permanently attached to the natural teeth in order to lengthen and brighten the smile.

In order to receive an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan, it is important to be examined by a skilled periodontist.

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