New Patient Manual

We are glad that you have made the first step to be on our website.  You have obviously researched your options and it means a great deal that you are here.  Maybe you are here based on a referral, or maybe you’re curious about a procedure for yourself.  Educating yourself is the first step, and you probably have several questions regarding the entire process.  We hope that we can help to answer them.

The CENTER for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy

The first step for any new patient is to schedule a consultation appointment at the CENTER for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy.  Our newly opened facility is located in Brentood, CA and is a private practice limited to periodontics and reconstructive implant dentistry.  At your consultation, you will meet with either of our board certified periodontists: Dr. Aalam, DDS or Dr. Krivitsky, DDS.

Dr. Aalam specializes in dental implants and Dr. Krivitsky specializes in gum and tissue diseases.  Together they complement each other and cover the vast spectrum of periodontal issues, ranging from cosmetic procedures to severe oral diseases and surgeries.  They are specialists in their field and are the only two board-certified periodontists in Brentwood, CA.

Your Periodontal Treatment in Brentwood

Through your personal consultation and oral examination you will learn what the next steps are in your individual process.  We will work with your primary dentist when appropriate and will put together a payment plan that works for you.  Our goal is to help you have the most comfortable and gentle experience through our distinguished doctors and innovative technology.

Scheduling your appointment at the CENTER is your first step in improving your oral health and smile.

Please call the CENTER today to schedule your consultation: 310-826-8242.