Considering pregnancy? Make sure your oral health is in check!

Pregnancy is an amazing and natural experience, but that doesn’t mean that the process doesn’t come with a lot of unpleasantness!  We have all know about morning sickness, swollen ankles, bloating, fatigue and general bouts of crankiness that can go along with pregnancy.  However, more and more research is showing how pregnancy can affect oral health and vice-versa.

Pregnant woman tend to have swollen gums, which inevitably leads to inflammation in the gums.  If the woman is at risk for periodontal disease, then this inflammation and infection can lead to many problems that could affect both the baby and the mother.

New research shows that a mother’s oral health can affect her baby’s over-all health, since any inflammation or infection can travel to the fetus.  This type of infection seems to trigger biological fluids that induces labor and leads to premature birth.  Babies born prematurely can have several health problems including physically and mentally delayed developments.

Your medical doctor should always recommend a full oral examination if you are expecting.  If your MD does not do this and you have concerns about your oral health- don’t take any chances and schedule an appointment with a specialist today.

Please contact Dr. Aalam or Dr. Krivitsky to schedule an appointment.