Reasons for Crown Lengthening

Do you have a “gummy” smile? For some Brentwood patients, excess gum tissue can cover the teeth, causing them to look short and stubby. At the CENTER for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy, our board-certified periodontists can use a treatment called crown lengthening to reshape the outline of your gums by removing the excess tissue to expose more of your teeth. The result will be a more symmetrical, beautiful smile!

Crown lengthening may also be used if your teeth are too short to place a dental crown. Reshaping the outline of the gums expose more of the tooth’s structure, helping to prepare it for crown placement and increasing the chances of successful treatment and restoration of your teeth. You may also need crown lengthening if you have cavities that extend deep into your gum tissue.

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening for a Gummy Smile

Genetics or gingivitis (gum disease) may cause a gummy smile. The unfortunate result can be a “baby teeth” smile that detriments your self-image and self-confidence. While a gummy smile may make your teeth appear short, chances are your teeth are actually the proper size – they’re just covered with too much gum tissue.

If you feel your upper lip reveals too much of your gum line when you smile, you may benefit from aesthetic crown lengthening for a wider, fuller grin. Aesthetic crown lengthening in Brentwood will expose more of your teeth in just one visit to the CENTER.

Functional Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening for CrownsSome people need crown lengthening for dental crowns or to fill a cavity near the gum line. For a deep cavity, our expert periodontists will gently open the area, then perform crown lengthening by contouring the bone and lowering the gum line. Once the bone is lowered, the cavity can be filled.

Similarly, sometimes crown lengthening is necessary to successfully place a dental crown. If you need crown lengthening for crowns, our CENTER periodontists will remove some gum tissue and/or bone to expose more of the tooth. They will then place your new crown atop the newly exposed tooth.

Complementary Procedures

A number of periodontal procedures may be performed in tandem with crown lengthening to achieve your smile makeover, including:

-Lip Repositioning – Lip repositioning may be used with crown lengthening to reduce display of gums when you smile.
Gum Depigmentation – If you suffer from dark spots on your gums, gum depigmentation can help restore healthy, pink gums. Dark spots on your gums, also known as “black gums”, may be caused by genetics, poor oral hygiene, smoking, or certain medications.

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