The Role of Platelets in Periodontal Regeneration

The CENTER for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy is proud to offer the most cutting-edge treatments available in periodontal and oral surgery, including the use of Advanced-Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF). But what exactly is PRF and what are the advantages? Fortunately, Dr. Amir-Alexandre Aalam has extensive experience in performing treatments with Advanced PRF, since he was the first periodontist in the country to offer PRF treatment.

What is PRF?

Platelet-rich fibrin is a concentration of platelets and blood plasma, which are combined with a gelled membrane called fibrin to create a gummy scaffold for the healing process. The process was first developed in France by Dr. Choukroun and his colleagues. Platelets are essentially a type of blood cell that allows the blood to clot and stop bleeding at the site of an injury or wound by forming a scab while also releasing growth factors that initiate the growth of new tissue.

Periodontists create PRF using a small amount of a patient’s blood, which is centrifuged immediately for at least 12 minutes in order to separate the platelet-rich fibrin from the red and white blood cells. The PRF can then be placed within a surgical site to accelerate the patient’s healing and recovery time.

What are the Benefits of PRF in Periodontal Surgery?

Ultimately, advanced platelet-rich fibrin can be incredibly helpful in various types of periodontal surgery by triggering the body’s natural wound healing process, as well as bone growth, wound sealing, and graft stabilization. It is also highly beneficial that PRF can easily be created within a matter of minutes at the surgeon’s office and used the same day as a periodontal operation, resulting in improved recovery times and decreased risk of negative side effects, such as dry socket.

Additionally, PRF is cost-effective and versatile, safely promoting optimal wound healing in a wide range of periodontal surgeries and treatments, such as gum grafts, wisdom tooth removal, dry socket prevention, and sinus augmentation.

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